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Biomass Briquette Machine

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What is Briquetting Plant?

The main concept of biomass Briquetting project is cash from waste. It is projected to convert agro forestry waste, industrial waste into bio coal. The biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy to create the prosperous environment. We all know that due to increase the price of petrol and diesel there is shortage prevails and these sources are also polluting the environment. But biomass briquettes are one of the sources which is available in abundance so no worry about the shortage.

For the development of any nation's energy is the main point. Price and demand of the fuel is increasing day by day but sources are limited so there is a vast gap between demand and sources but biomass briquettes is working as and bridge and fill the gap. Biomass briquettes replace all traditional sources of energy like LPG, diesel and petrol. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, so any type of waste material arises we can use it efficiently through Briquetting machine.

Briquettes are also known as white coal due to its economical features. All the raw material collected and squashed under high pressure without using any chemical and as a finished product briquette are available in logs which are cylindrical in shape. In our routine we get tons of divested material instead of burning loose biomass in the air, produce it in the form of blocks through Briquetting plant.

Wood is a natural product so we should not use it to generate heat but we must use briquettes which are eco-friendly and renewable source of energy. Biomass briquettes are mostly used in rural areas because electricity and GAS easily not available there so Briquetting plant is a good concept to create a green atmosphere.