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Biomass Briquette Machine

briquetting plants india

Features of Briquetting Plant

  • Easily availability of raw material

  • Does not require binder and chemical

  • Gov provide various incentives like tax exemption, no sales tax and excise duty on finished products

  • As economical as compare to fossil fuels

  • We can make briquettes from urban waste also like paper waste

  • Rural area can be developed quickly because electricity and heat offer at low rate so they prefer briquettes instead of black coal

  • Short payback period

  • This project is renewable so easy loan available from nationalized bank

  • Easy operating system and low maintenance cost

  • Maximum production capacity with lower input

  • Biomass briquettes do not spread smoke in the air like black coal

  • We can heat easily industrial boilers with the help of Briquettes as it is an economical way to generate steam