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Biomass Briquette Machine

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Biomass Briquette Plant is used to convert agro forestry waste to bio fuel. Shortly project of Best from Waste. In brief we can describe, briquette plant is machinery which is capable of binding any type of agro forestry waste into finished product. This finished product is known as biomass briquettes or white coal and this is completely binder less technology. Biomass briquette plant project is feasible where biomass or agro forestry waste is available within the surrounding area and can be available in abundant quantity. This project is economically viable.

The estimated power generation potential from biomass in India is about 190000 MW. So, biomass based power projects are growing in demand. Biomass and other raw materials like groundnut shells, almond shells, cotton Salk, bagasse etc… are gathered and compressed under high pressure and then convert into useful briquettes. Biomass briquettes have high bulk density compared to loose biomass and required low ash content. The process of briquette making does not contain sulfur, so it is completely Eco friendly process.

Biomass briquette investment is the best project to earn revenue from agro forestry waste. Biomass briquette plant is invented to make our environment healthy and greener. It is the source of renewable energy and has completely replaced the fossil fuels and charcoal. Briquetting plant India is increasingly day by day due to the awareness of using non conventional source of energy to protect the environment.

Aspects of Biomass Briquetting Plant

This project of briquetting plant have major advantages as follow:
  1. Briquette plant is made from green waste. Thus it is lean and renewable.
  2. Easy availability of biomass and agro forestry waste.
  3. High Profitability & Economic viability.
  4. Farmers and rural people can earn money from selling their own agro waste.
  5. Excellent Growth Potentiality.
  6. Finished Products can be easily marketed.
  7. Employment Potentiality is very high.
  8. Conversion of natural resources into biomass energy % maintenance of ecological balance.
  9. Early Pay Back Period.
  10. Saving of foreign currency.

Incentives / Promotional Steps by Government

Briquetting plant India is the new hope for our future energy resources and thus Government of India gives various incentives for this project. To promote this project govt. of India has announced series of incentives for putting up such plants of the entrepreneurs engaged in developing alternative energy source.

The Fiscal Incentives are:

  1. 80% Depreciation:
    Total value of briquette plant and machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first year. Under Section : Solid agro waste
  2. Sales Tax: Exemption:
    Fuel briquettes exemption is available in several states.
  3. Central Excise Exemption:
    Solid fuel briquettes are completely exempted from excise duty.
  4. Benefits of Priority Sector:
    Energy being precedence sector & considering the cost of project benefits of SSI & Priority Sector are available.
    In addition to above incentives being offered by Govt. It is seen that Govt. has taker this projection their top most priority and considering of more incentives to the entrepreneurs considering the above factor, we strongly recommend this project to be set up in your area.
  5. Benefits of Income Tax
    100% INCOME TAX exemption for first five years under section 50 JJA clause 51
  6. Subsidy on Briquette Plant India
    State Government of India is giving subsidy up to 20% of the complete plant investment. In addition, for biomass briquette project, the banks and other financial institutions are also offer valuable loans.

Use of Biomass Briquettes in various Industries.

  1. Brick making Units
  2. Tea Factories
  3. Textile/ Garment Industries
  4. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  5. Paper Mills
  6. Rubber Industry
  7. Spinning Mills
  8. Ceramic units
  9. Forges and Foundries
  10. Dyeing House
  11. Food Processing Unit
  12. Milk Plant & dairy
  13. Vegetable Plants
  14. Laminate Industry
  15. Solvent Extraction Plants
  16. Process Houses & other commercial uses