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Biomass Briquette Machine

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Manufacturing of Briquettes

To make briquettes it is very simple. First of all wastage gathered and put in Briquetting machine. If the raw material size is up to 25mm so there is no need of crusher and above 25mm crusher is required. But it is very simple to operate. Its raw material moisture is between 10 to 12% then there is need of flash air dryer machine but if it is possible to dry directly under sunlight then there is no need of flash air dryer.

So we can say that only jumbo-90 Briquetting machine is able to make briquettes. So it is a monetary investment plant project. It saves money and also give huge production. Through jumbo-90 Briquetting machine every hour minimum 1500kg briquettes we can get. And our other model is super-70 Briquetting machine which is able to give 750 kg. Production per hour.